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Hot Tub purchases from North Georgia Spas include installation. Our comprehensive installation process makes it simple for you to purchase and enjoy your new hot tub. All installations INCLUDE the use of a 30-foot crane at no additional cost to you.

Delivery & Installation

The actual dimensions of your new hot tub will determine the amount of space needed to move your hot tub from the road to the final installation. Please make sure you check with us to confirm the requirement for the hot tub that you’ve selected. Walk the path that your new hot tub will travel during delivery and take measurements and notes along the way, including details like the width and height of openings it will need to pass through, the number of steps it needs to go up or down, if a crane needs to be involved, if trees or shrubs are in the way, vertical obstructions like roofs, overhangs, pergolas, etc. Our installation includes using a 30-foot crane if needed, but if a larger crane is required, we will need to assess the situation on a case-by-case basis. If any openings are less than 40 x 96”, we would need to see photos or have a site visit prior to installation.

The average hot tub weighs 650-850 lbs. empty. We will not be physically carrying your tub. We use a sled or dolly to slide across flat surfaces and sometimes pipes or lumber if uneven. If you feel for any reason that we would have any difficulty with your delivery, please request a site inspection.


The installation site must be solid, level ground, and cleared of any obstructions before installation, including doors, handrails, etc. If you install it on a deck, it may need to be examined for structural integrity and reinforced. If you install it indoors, we need to do a site visit. All hot tubs require a dedicated 50 amp GFCI circuit. Please ensure that it is installed by a licensed electrician and working before installation day. We will also need a working outdoor spigot and water hose to reach the hot tub.

Overview Check List

  • Installation site must be on solid, level ground.

  • Installation site must be cleared of any obstructions.

  • Installation site has the structural integrity to hold the hot tub.

  • Hot tub has a dedicated 50 amp GFCI circuit installed by a licensed electrician

  • You have walked the path the hot tub will travel to the install site

  • You've provided notes of the openings it will need to pass through, steps, slopes, etc.

  • You've provided notes of any vertical obstructions that could get in the way during delivery.

  • You've provided details of any openings less than 40 x 96 inches and requested a site visit prior to installation.

  • There is a working spigot and water hose that can reach the hot tub, once it is installed.

Read all details about your delivery and installation. Do no rely  exclusively on this list. 

Download the Installation Guide PDF

Please download the Installation Guide PDF using the button below. You can either review, sign, and email the PDF to North Georgia Spas at or you can use the form below to agree to the terms and your responsibilities for the installation of your hot tub.

Installation Agreement

By filling out the form below, I guarantee that there is clear access and that I have the proper electrical wiring and deck support installed for my hot tub. If North Georgia Spas is not able to do the full installation on my scheduled delivery date due to the jobsite not being properly prepared, I understand that there will be an additional $150.00 charge to complete the installation.


Please fill out the following form and provide the details we need for installation of your hot tub and agree to your responsibilities as the property owner.

Check all boxes that apply to your installation, and please provide additional details requested in the area below:


Thanks for submitting your installation form! Our team will reach out and follow up on any details related to your installation. 

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